OEB Staff

Curriculum Vitae of the Cyprus Employers & Industrialists Federation (OEB) Staff

Director General
Michael Antoniou

Deputy Director General
Constantinos Christofides

Business Development & Economic Affairs Department
Antonis Frangoudis - Acting Director
Kyriacos Angelides - Professional Associations Coordinator
Michalis Gregoriou - Officer
Marcos Kallis - Officer

Labour Relations & Social Policy Department
Lena Panayiotou - Acting Director
Polyvios Polyviou - Officer
Theorodos Giovanni - Officer
George Hadjikallis - Officer
Stephanos Tsingis - Officer

Research, Training & European Programmes Department
Petros Petrou - Director
Maria Stylianou Theodorou - Head of Research & European Programmes Service
Maria Pirea - Assistant Officer
Andria Vasiliou - Assistant Officer

International Relations & Event Management Service
Paraskevas Anastasiou - Head

Communications & Public Relations
Marina Kafourou Cosma - Officer

Administration Department
Gioula Gypsioti - Head
Voula Ioannou - Head of Accounting Department
Maria Agapiou - Secretary
Stella Hadjiconstantinou - Secretary
Despina Senekki - Secretary
Ioanna Ceasar - Secretary
Marios Manoli
Sotiris Lambrou
Stella Constantinidou