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Mission and Objectives

  • To create andmaintain a favourable business environment which allows the unhindered operation of Cypriot enterprises for generating competitive products and services.
  • To maintain equilibrium between the business community, trade unions and other organisations acting as pressure groups in Cyprus’ pluralistic decision-making system.
  • To offer Cypriot companies the up-to-date, quality, specialised services required to satisfy the demands of a challenging economic environment through its secretariat and member organisations. Training and leadership development are also of particular importance.
  • To ensure that the harmonisation of Cyprus’ economy and administrative capacity with the Acquis Communautaire, is successful and makes the best of the opportunities offered by Cyprus participation in the European Union. To help members fulfil their obligations resulting from the Acquis Communautaire.
  • To promote the best interests of its members (both on a sectoral and on an individual basis).
  • To monitor social, political and economic developments, as well as the functioning of state bodies.
  • To represent Cypriot companies and promote their views in Cyprus and abroad, particularly in the European Union and the International Labour Organisation.
  • To encourage Women Entrepreneurs as part of its general objective to promote growth.