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Harmonisation with the EU Aquis - European Programmes - Directives

This involves promoting the interests of Cypriot Enterprises within the European Union, facilitating their harmonisation with the "Acquis" and their participation in European Programmes:
  • Participating in tripartite and bipartite European Committees and Bodies that formulate the EU’s policies.
  • Promoting the views of the employers/business community to the Government and House of Representatives during the implementation of European laws and regulations.
  • Briefing members about new EU Directives and Regulations and about developments in the business world in Europe. Organising seminars, lectures and discussions within this framework.
  • Offering practical assistance and advice on the implementation of European Legislation in co-operation with specialised and reputable private firms.
  • Providing information on new European programmes and calls for proposals to enterprises and organisations to participate in EU programmes and projects.