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Problem solving, Lobbying & Communication

This involves Effective help, support and guidance on all issues of interest to enterprises.

  • Promoting measures aimed at creating a favourable environment to expand the productive base of the economy and of enterprises on:
  • Investment, tax and funding incentives.
  • Production costs.
  • Widening and promoting the export of goods and services.
  • Modernising and expanding techno-economic infrastructure.
  • Simplifying procedures/legislation.
  • Developing business co-operation.
  • Participating in European and National funded programmes.
  • Promoting the settlement of problems and defending positions jointly with members and professional Associations. To this end, OEB co-ordinates the activities of its members either through the professional Associations or through the specialised Co-ordinating Councils on Industry and Services.
  • Promoting its views and positions and lobbying decision-making bodies. Shaping public opinion through press releases, meetings, memoranda, interviews, conferences, seminars, public discussions, lectures, etc.
  • Briefing members and public opinion on current business issues through the monthly publication of “EPIHIRIMATIKI” magazine and other publications such as:
  • Practical Guide on Labour Issues and Human Resources Development.
  • Guide on Legislation.
  • Court Decisions on issues of interest to enterprises.
  • The Introduction of Euro - A Practical Guide for Enterprises.
  • Material used in Training programmes.
  • Positions and Views of OEB on key economic issues.
  • Specialised Studies, Results of Surveys.
  • Directories  on the Services, the Construction and the Health Sectors.
  • Financing Schemes/Programmes for Companies.
  • Code of Practice for the preventation of sexual harassment at the workplace